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Empowered Dog is an international organization committed to creating canine connection through education and events by bringing the positive reinforcement community together with the unified vision of giving dogs a voice.  We host a variety of events to help coach dog trainers to up level their skills and businesses all around the world.

Meet the Founders

Yo Armendariz KPA CTP – 

Co-Founder of Empowered Dog

Yo Armendariz KPA CTP is on a mission to make training effective and enjoyable for dogs, their handlers, and for dog trainers all across the world. This means optimizing positive reinforcement techniques across globe. Yo breaks down complex skills into bite-sized, accessible pieces, and develops practical techniques that leave her students with a sense of achievement and success.

Yo is fascinated by the behavior and learning, and very passionate about bringing forward-looking, science-based solutions to the Dog Training World. Yo is the owner and founder of Canine Learning Academy, a Southern California based training company that offers a variety of services to help handlers build a better connection with their dog. She brings her knowledge of business, training, motivation and content creation to Empowered Dog.

Michelle Dart IMDT APDT ABTC – 

Co-Founder of Empowered Dog

Michelle Dart IMDT APDT ABTC is dedicated to building a better future for dogs and their owners all over the world. Her goal is to set puppies up for the best start by helping owners to better understand their canine companions and develop a deep bond built on trust.


She particularly enjoys teaching tricks and helper dog tasks as well as coming up with creative training challenges that are immensely fun to take part in and help dogs and their owners forge skills that will last a lifetime.  


Michelle is the owner and founder of Hoops and Hounds Dog Training Academy, based in North Devon, UK which offers a range of in person and online coaching services. Her skills in developing fun, creative and effective training solutions will be an asset to Empowered Dog.  

Why Force Free?

It is important that learning takes place in a relaxed and stress free environment for our dogs. Whilst learning new things we all make mistakes and this goes for dogs too! Training should be fun and focus on rewarding desired behaviours using things our dogs love such as praise, treats and toys. Mistakes should not have unpleasant consequences for our dogs but serve as useful indicators to us that we need to adjust our training plan and help our dog to understand what we would like from them. Training in this way means that learning remains fun for us and our dogs. We build a relationship based on trust, understanding and kindness where our dogs work with us because they want to, not because they have to!

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