Empowered Dog is dedicated to creating a platform for education and generosity within the dog training sector to build a UNITED community where dog trainers and owners come together to create a future of empowerment, kindness and collaboration. 


We offer events for both Pet owners and Dog Trainers including:
• Summits (in-person and virtual)

• Conferences (in-person and virtual)

• Masterclasses


Join us for our epic summits and enjoy the best the world has to offer in progressive forward-thinking dog training. Enjoy presentations from the world's most renowned experts in the field of dog training and business. Get ready to bring your 'A' game as the world unites in generosity to share the latest and greatest information and build a better future for dogs and their owners worldwide! Designed with behaviourists, trainers and dog enthusiasts in mind.


Our conferences open the stage to talented dog trainers from all over the world to share their expertise and passion with a global community of dog owners. From separation distress, to introducing babies and dogs, reliable recall to assistance dog training, there will be something for everyone! Suitable for dog owners and trainers alike, these 2-4 day intensive events are perfect for enhancing your knowledge and learning new skills with your canine companion.


These events are one off, single day workshops designed to boost your skills in a particular area and take your business to the next level. The topics will vary and will be aimed at helping dog trainers to master the art of running a 5 star business. From training expertise to business coaching, we have you covered!

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