These events are one off, single afternoon or day workshops designed to boost your skills in a particular area and take your business and training to the next level.   We aim to have at least one masterclass every month. Topics will vary training expertise to business coaching, mindset and much more. Whatever you need to master the art of running a 5 star business, we have you covered!


Empowered Dog is dedicated to creating a platform for education and generosity within the dog training sector to build a UNITED community where dog trainers and owners come together to create a future of empowerment, kindness and collaboration.

We offer events for both Pet owners and Dog Trainers including:
• Summits
• Masterclasses & Webinars
• Retreats
• The Empowered Dog Show - our weekly canine talk show!
• Monthly Expert Speaker events
• Hot Topic Discussions

Moving On Up Masterclass


Moving online is essential for EVERY modern dog trainer! Discover all the secrets here... Michelle Dart, Yo Armendariz & Christina Cass show you easy to follow steps to take your current dog training business online. 
✔ Discover why EVERY modern dog trainer NEEDS an online platform 
✔ Unlock the secrets behind building a 6-figure dog business 
✔ Transform your students success with one simple shift 
✔ Build an audience of eager students who stay with you for years 
✔ Access insider tips on how to create the perfect online program 
✔ Escape burnout and discover how to work smarter, not harder

Empowered Puppy Masterclass


Suitable for first time pet parents and seasoned dog owners alike, you will be sure to leave with everything you need to set your puppy on the right path. 

Learn how to implement our gold star routine that will set your puppy up for success from the moment you bring them home. Master the art of finding your pups outlet, discover how to prevent them from developing separation distress and ensure unwanted behaviours are not developed. 

Puppy Biting and Mouthing


Clair Hickson presents her masterclass on Puppy Biting and Mouthing. If you are feeling like a human pin cushion and need some real practical solutions to stop your puppy biting and mouthing you with those needle sharp teeth then this masterclass is just for you!  

Learn the reasons why your puppy bites you, how to tell what is behind it and what you can do to help.

Mastering the Art of Enrollment


The Art of Enrollment is a powerful and compelling communication strategy that is utilized by the greatest trainers of our time. 

Christina Cass is a master of enrollment and is sharing her easy to follow top tips for Dog Trainers.