Empowered Dog is dedicated to hosting a number of training summits each year. Due to Covid-19 our summits are currently virtual but in the coming year we intend to host in person events too. Our vision is to create a community of generosity within the dog training industry to unite dog trainers and owners together to create a future of empowerment, kindness and collaboration. 

The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit

Ignite Your Goals & Get Inspired!

The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit, is a FREE virtual event for everyone who works with or dreams of working with dogs.  Every day between December 1-24, an Expert Speaker will be streaming LIVE into our Event Page to give a you a training tip, a motivation talk, or to share an inspirational story so that you can rediscover your passion for working with dogs and your joy of continued learning.  If you, like others, have had a tough year, let's come  together to finish up 2020 with a bang, and step into 2021 united with a positive vision for the future. 

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