The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit

Ignite Your Goals & Get Inspired


The International Dog Trainers Winter Summit, is a FREE virtual event designed to inspire and give back to the dog training community from all over the world. Perfect for everyone who works with or dreams of working with dogs.  Every day between December 1-24, an expert speaker will be streaming LIVE into our event page to give you training tips, present a motivational talk, or to share an inspirational story so that you can rediscover your passion for working with dogs and expand your learning.  It has been a tough year for many so let's come together to finish 2020 with a bang, spread hope and inspiration and step into 2021 UNITED with a positive vision for the future. 

Ian Dunbar - Moira Hechenleitner - Michael Shikashio - Bob Bailey – Nan Arthur - Grisha Stewart – Laura Nativo – Nicole Ellis – Irith Bloom – Steve White - Keelin Clark – Jamie Pound – Christina Cass – Theresa McKeon - Kamal Fernandez – Janet Finlay – Stephanie Price – Clair Hickson – Ellen Naumann – Jason Shelton – Julie Fryman – Jillian Hardwick – Sarah Whitehead – Adam Delderfield – Lisa Gorenflo

Prepare to expand your knowledge and explore the next stage of your dog training career with the International Dog Trainers Winter Summit.

December 1-24, 2020 | Online LIVE 11am Pacific Standard Time

Reasons to Attend

As a dog trainer or dog enthusiast, you are the first port of call for dog owners needing support. To advance in your career requires more than grit — it demands a commitment to ongoing education and understanding the latest science in our field. That is what this virtual summit is all about. You’ll get an up-close experience learning what's new in the industry, examining other training methods and conversing with experts in their field. This is a must-attend for all dog professionals no matter where you are in the world!

  • Challenge yourself with lectures on functional and useful training methods, programming, nutrition, and much more!

  • Transform your own training by applying what you learn to your current client cases.

  • Add to your Training! Get a closer look at new ways to level up your current training packages.

  • Receive a FREE GIFT from every speaker. Each expert will be providing registered attendees a free gift for watching their presentation. This gift can be accessed until Jan 25th 2020.

  • Engage with our Expert speakers on a one to one level with enhanced Q&A panels.

Join us from the convenience of your home, office, and maintain your training appointments throughout the summit

  • A full recording will be available after the live stream each day. Links will be emailed directly to your registration inbox so there's no need to worry if you can't watch along live.

Full Schedule:

12/1/2020 11am PST Ian Dunbar: Watching and Wondering the Science and Soul of Dog Training

12/2/2020 11am PST Moira Hechenleitner: Identifying and Treating Separation Anxiety- The 4 Key Pillars for Success

12/3/2020 11am PST Michael Shikashio: Expanding Your Business Around Aggression Cases

12/4/2020 11am PST Clair Hickson: People Centered Solutions for Dog Trainers and Behaviorists

12/5/2020 11am PST Kamal Fernandez: Creating Resilience and Tolerance to Frustration Through Shaping and Play

12/6/2020 11am PST Steve White: Thousand Hour Eyes- Reading the Scenting Dog

12/7/2020 11am PST Keelin Clark: Confidence on Camera

12/7/2020 1pm PST Lori Stevens: Aging Dogs

12/8/2020 11am PST Laura Nativo & Nicole Ellis: Lights, Camera, Action- A Day in the Life of a Movie Animal Trainer

12/9/2020 11am PST Julie Fryman: On the Road- The Secrets of Professional Canine Vacationing

12/10/2020 11am PST Jamie Pound: Making Scent Detection Accessible to Every Dog

12/11/2020 11am PST Stephanie Price: Marketing Masterclass for Dog Trainers

12/11/2020 1pm PST Sarah Rodriguez: Bonding and Enriching the Life of a Fearful Dog Through Tricks

12/12/2020 11am PST Janet Finlay: Mindset Matters: Reframing Reactivity for Dog Trainers and Guardians

12/13/2020 11am PST Adam Delderfield: Rethinking Puppy Training

12/14/2020 11am PST Theresa McKeon: The Art of Delivering Instructions- TAGteach Tools for Teaching the Human

12/15/2020 11am PST Sarah Whitehead: Popping the Bubble

12/16/2020 11am PST Ellen Naumann: Authentic Connections for Compliance

12/17/2020 11am PST Irith Bloom: Its Not the Dogs, It's the People! Getting Dog Training Clients on Board

12/17/2020 1pm PST Denise Fenzi: Train the Dog in Front of You

12/18/2020 11am PST Bob Bailey: 

12/18/2020 1pm PST Olga Jones: Not all dogs like maths (innovative approach to trick training)

12/19/2020 11am PST Nan Arthur: Labels are for Storage Containers

12/20/2020 11am PST Christina Cass:

12/20/2020 1pm PST Eileen KovalIs: Reliable Rattlesnake Avoidance Possible Through Positive Reinforcement Training

12/21/2020 11am PST Grisha Stewart:

12/21/2020 1pm PST Gila Kurtz: Alpha Reimagined- The Art of Leading You

12/22/2020 11am PST Jason Shelton: 10 Steps to Recording Better Dog Videos

12/23/2020 11am PST Lisa Gorenflo: What is Mantrailing?

12/23/2020 1pm PST Debby Lucken: Tools to Help Families with Children Train Their Dogs in a Busy Family Environment

12/24/2020 11am PST Jillian Hardwick:

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